adorable luhan and the heart pillow

"Together we are 50" …..

mr. Kim Minseok- CEO, runway model, resident heartbreaker

exo x mcm


11/? b&w boy who cried wolf pics
YUP AAAAANND IM A GONER o)-< jongdae im just- i think i know what death feels like now..istg this SON OF A PIGEON, GET OUT! I mean, EVERY INCH OF HIM IS SO DELECTABLE, i dont uNDERS TAND HOW YOU MANAGED TO HOLD THAT CAMERA AMY, I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT
Did u see how insaneLY Shaky it was tho Jo omg O-)-< n that was jst with my phone;u; idk how fansitemasters manage tbh.. every single time.. DELECTABLE inches /holds hands over face////;;


EXO 90:2014 Ep 4 aegyo preview

I haven’t seen that entrancing expression before

Vid cr:  도자이 dorzai

kim minseok: a brief introduction (requested)

"Together we are 50" …..

how do you take these two idiots seriously???

140831 exoxm90: who was it that said… together, we are ‘50’


A moment of silence for all the Minseok-stans.

The lord has finally updated his IG.